Hi I'm Letty Chichitonyoltli Martinez. (On the Right in the photo). I am an activist, herbalist, dog worker and farmer. I grow medicinal herbs and make holistic herbal remedies for dogs and humans.

I grew up in Chicago and my family of origin is from an area in northeastern Mexico called Coahuila. I am a veteran, have a background in public health and community health education I’ve been living and working in Portland since April of 2012. I live here with my sweet heart, our 2 dogs and recently, my nephew Victor, who came to live with us and help us grow on our micro-farm. I'm grateful for this opportunity of continued growth and learning in community.



Keath Silva is the Founder, director and one of the teachers at Yarrow School of Collective Wellness. They are an avid herb gardener, herbal medicine maker and community herbalist with over 20 years of herbal experience. They teach from a multi-dimensional, hands-on, creative and non-hierarchal perspective. They believe that every human has a deep wellspring of herbal knowledge in their bones, waiting to be remembered. Keath has had a thriving private bodywork, energy work and botanical therapy practice for over two decades and currently practices at Yarrow Community Wellness center.



Saliha is a singer and sound healer who loves creating relationships with plant spirit-beings through the intimate connection of the voice,



Oh, hi. I'm called shiny. (On the left in photo.) I live in Portland, Oregon with my wife and our two dogs. I am a librarian and professor by trade, a farmer and medicine maker by calling, and a community organizer by necessity. We are almost one year into Scrapberry Farm, our 1/10th of an acre where we grow herbs, vegetables, and resilience in North Portland. We farm because it increases resilience - to this world, to the loss of plants and people, to the colonization of our traditional ways of knowing. I make medicine because it increases gentling; I am grateful for the opportunity to slow down, to listen with my whole self, and to tap into instinct and tradition when offering care to my communities.