Are you ready to step into the fullness of who you are?

At Yarrow Community Wellness Center we offer private healing sessions tailored to each individual’s needs. We listen with full presence to what is happening for you and tailor a session to meet you where you are. We weave transformational bodywork, craniosacral therapy, abdominal massage, energywork, breathwork and botanical therapies together to support your well-being.

We serve as a compassionate co-journeyer on your path of transformation

To book a session text

541 419 1647

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Keath Silva has over 20 years experience practicing transformational bodywork, energy work, abdominal massage, prenatal and postpartum massage, breathwork, craniosacral therapy and botanical therapy. They hold deep, amazing space in harmony with the healing power of nature. In this resonant, compassionate container, your inner healer comes forth and facilitates healing, growth and transformation in your life.

We offer increased access discounts to people who experience marginalization and a sliding scale for anyone in need.

"Keath has helped open doors of perception for me that I didn't even realize existed and changed my awareness landscape permanently."  

-M.B. Columbia River Gorge