workshops & classes


May 9th, June 6th, September 12th 9 am Hood River 90 minute plant Walk

June 13th 5-7pm Herbal Garden Tour at Yarrow School in Hood River

June 22nd Lemon Balm Harvest Workshop with Talia Hammond

July 20th Medicine Making for the People with shiny and letty

August 30th Free Elderberry Harvest Community Crafting

September 28th Angelica Harvest Workshop with Keath & Saliha

October 19th Oregon Grape Harvest workshop with Keath & Saliha

7 month herbal apprenticeship program online and onsite

2019 Session in progress

Apply now for 2020

for information and to sign up call or text 541 419 1647


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We hold space for hands-on, interactive, community herbal learning experiences where people meet the plants with their senses, intuition, and intellect to foster deep sustainable plant and human relationships.

Participants can attend one workshop, many or sign up for a 7 month herbal apprenticeship program with on sight workshops, online learning and individualized guidance on the herbal learning path.

We are committed to sustainable, reciprocal relationships with plants which support the thriving of plant communities.

We are committed to the process of allyship and accompliceship with marginalized groups in all aspects of our school.

We honor the fact that we are living on sacred land that has been inhabited and tended for many generations by indigenous peoples from whom we have much to learn

As we deepen our relationship with the plants, we effort for liberation for all

The plants are our teachers showing us how to heal ourselves and how to live in harmony.