community workshops

Enter a fun cozy space with warm welcoming people to celebrate the plants, remember our inherent connection with them & learn ways we can integrate their healing wisdom into our daily lives.

The Experience:

Our workshops are hands-on, interactive, community herbal learning experiences where people meet the plants with their senses, intuition, and intellect to foster deep sustainable plant and human relationships in a non competitive, compassionate space where learning is fun and we are all teachers and students learning from one another and the plants!

Most of our workshops and gatherings take place at The Yarrow School of Collective Wellness, a cozy and creative workshop space nestled in a working urban medicinal herb garden near downtown Hood River.

Some gatherings take place on farms, hiking trails and wild places.




We offer increased access payment options for marginalized folx and sliding scale for anyone in need

We are committed to the process of anti-racism and decolonization in everything we do

We donate to environmental protection and social justice causes

We celebrate LGBTQI+ community

We hold consent concious and trauma informed space

We value everyone’s participation and accept that some people are more introverted than others and that there are many different learning styles and ways to learn. We value all the authentic ways of knowing and being.

We celebrate the reality that we have bodies that need tending. We put basic self care first and encourage embodiment

We honor that we are living on sacred land that has been inhabited and tended for many generations by indigenous peoples from whom we have much to learn. We believe that repair in these relationships is necessary healing for all.

We are committed to sustainable, reciprocal relationships with plants which support the thriving of plant communities and the environment as a whole